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Purple Mr. Nice Strain Review


Name: Purple Mr. Nice

Dispensary: The Hot Spot(Los Angeles)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Indica (About 70% Indica, 30% Sativa)

Lineage: Grand Daddy Purple crossed with Mr. Nice

Price: $16/gram, $44/8th, $72/ quarter, $130 half ounce

Looks: Tightly trimmed, dense nugs. Purple buds with a touch of green and many orange hairs. Dank and sticky with heavy trichome coverage.

Smell: Sweet, peppery, grapey and slightly tart.

Taste: A sweet and sour, peppery flavor similar to the smell. Mildly harsh vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Relaxing, energized stone. Cerebral, introspective, focused and mildly euphoric. The body buzz was comfortable, but not debilitating. Numbing sensations were noticeable around my face and through my body. Best for the afternoon and early evening.

Summary: A sweet, peppery tasting purple strain with a buzz that will calm you down, but not knock you out. The numbing euphoria of the Mr. Nice balanced nicely with the heavy, focused GDP stone.

Purple Mr. Nice from The Hot Spot

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Blue Champagne Strain Review (The Hot Spot)



Name: Blue Champagne

Dispensary: The Hot Spot (Los Angeles)

Grade: A

Type: Mostly Sativa (About 75% Sativa, 25% Indica)

Lineage: Blue Dream crossed with Champagne.

Price: $16/gram, $44/8th, $72/ quarter, $130 half ounce

Looks: Spongey, plump and chunky nugs. Light and dark green buds with many burnt orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage. Dank and sticky.

Smell: Sweet, fruity, grassy, creamy and slightly peppery. Smelled similar to Blue Dream, but a touch spicier.

Taste: A sweet, grassy and peppery flavor. Smooth vapor with mild lung expansion.

Buzz: Mellow, trippy, euphoric high. Clear headed, uplifting, creative, functional and mildly energetic. Relaxing, but not sedating. Best for the afternoon and for wake and bake.

Summary: A slightly mellower and spicier version of Blue Dream. The looks, taste and smell were all on point. The buzz really stood out. It had all the qualities I enjoy in Blue Dream, but it was mellower and more functional, not as heady and less soaring.

Super Bubba Kush Strain Review




Name: Super Bubba Kush

Dispensary: The Hot Spot (Los Angeles)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: Unknown. A variation of Bubba Kush.

Price: $16/gram, $44/8th, $72/ quarter, $130 half ounce

Looks: Leafy, hairy nugs. Dark and light green buds with many burnt orange hairs and moderate trichome coverage.Brittle to the touch.

Smell: Musty, dusty, woodsy, sweet and spicy.

Taste: A musty, dusty flavor similar to the smell. Hearty vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Relaxing buzz. Clearheaded, moderately sedating and mildly euphoric. The body buzz was heavy and comfortable. Best for the evening and for sleep.

Summary: A pretty good batch of Bubba Kush. The flavor and aroma wasn’t particularly appealing, but the buzz was relaxing and pleasant.

Super Bubba June 2013

Super Bubba Kush.