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Pax by Ploom Vaporizer Review

pax vaporizerpax vaporizerpax vaporizerpax vaporizerpax vaporizer

Company: Ploom

Product: Pax

Price: $250

Where to Buy: Vape World

Grade: A/A-

Design and Construction: The Pax has a contemporary, clean industrial design. It looks like an Apple product, specifically the cylinder shaped iPod Nano or the Apple TV remote control. It’s heavier than I was expecting (about .2 lbs), but it feels substantial and fits in the palm of my hand. I found myself wishing it had a carrying case, but the design itself and construction are difficult to criticize. I love the charging station. The screen and heating chamber are impressive and innovative in both appearance and function. Pax is a great looking device of very high quality.

Experience: The instructional video here will tell you in detail how to use the Pax. Suffice to say, it’s dead simple to use. Definitely the easiest vaporizer I’ve tested. Unlike the Iolite, it’s also completely silent. More important to me, however, is the taste and quality of the vapor it produces. On this count, the Pax delivers with a couple of caveats. I found the vapor to be satisfyingly rich and smooth, but less flavorful and harder on my throat than I expected. It took some time to get used to the draw which had more resistance and pulled smaller hits than other units I’ve tested. The mouth piece felt slightly short and got a bit hot on the highest heat setting. The device itself also gets a little too hot. The mouthpiece got stuck often and breaks easily. By and large, however, using the Pax is a stellar and unique experience. It’s one impressively potent and effective THC delivery system. It takes portable vaporizing to another level with its design, technology and ease of use. For those who enjoy smoking, the Pax comes closest to replicating the experience. I would argue it’s plainly superior to smoking.

Summary and Conclusion: The Pax’s clean design and dummy proof accessibility make it the gold standard for portable vaporizers. It fits in the palm of your hand and produces a satisfying potent vapor. But, there is still room for improvement. At $250, the price is steep, but you get what you pay for. The Pax would, however, find much quicker adoption if it were lower in price. The entry price is fair for now, but I see it going down considerably in the future with increased competition. Using it feels futuristic though it also feels like a first generation device. The mouth piece needs be improved and the device should be more reliable. The Pax should also be cooler to the touch. The vapor, while enjoyable, could be more flavorful, smoother and denser. I suspect future versions will greatly refine and improve upon an already impressive experience and form factor. Breakthroughs in technology will help make it even smaller and lighter. All things considered, the Pax has the feeling of a next generation vaporizer with potentially game changing technology.

Golden Pineapple Strain Review

golden pineapple straingolden pineapple strain review golden pineapple delta 9
Name: Golden Pineapple

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Sativa

Lineage: (Golden Kush x Skunk) x C99 (Pineapple Phenotype)

Price: $15/gram, $45/8th

Looks: Compact nugs with some give when squeezed. Light and dark green buds with orange hairs and golden hued trichome coverage.

Smell: Sweet, fruity, sour and slightly spicy.

Taste: A sweet and sour, musty flavor similar to the smell. Smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Peaceful high. Cerebral, creative, mildly euphoric and energizing. Functional high with a light body buzz. Best for the afternoon.

Summary: A solid, but unremarkable Sativa. I enjoyed the flavor and high, but neither blew me away.

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Blue Champagne Strain Review (The Hot Spot)



Name: Blue Champagne

Dispensary: The Hot Spot (Los Angeles)

Grade: A

Type: Mostly Sativa (About 75% Sativa, 25% Indica)

Lineage: Blue Dream crossed with Champagne.

Price: $16/gram, $44/8th, $72/ quarter, $130 half ounce

Looks: Spongey, plump and chunky nugs. Light and dark green buds with many burnt orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage. Dank and sticky.

Smell: Sweet, fruity, grassy, creamy and slightly peppery. Smelled similar to Blue Dream, but a touch spicier.

Taste: A sweet, grassy and peppery flavor. Smooth vapor with mild lung expansion.

Buzz: Mellow, trippy, euphoric high. Clear headed, uplifting, creative, functional and mildly energetic. Relaxing, but not sedating. Best for the afternoon and for wake and bake.

Summary: A slightly mellower and spicier version of Blue Dream. The looks, taste and smell were all on point. The buzz really stood out. It had all the qualities I enjoy in Blue Dream, but it was mellower and more functional, not as heady and less soaring.

Lamb’s Bread Strain Review (Medstar)


Name: Lamb’s Bread

Dispensary: Medstar (Los Angeles)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Sativa

Lineage: Jamaican landrace strain.

Price: $16/gram, $50/8th

Looks: Small, dense nugs. Light and dark green buds with many orange hairs and golden hued trichome coverage. Brittle to the touch, but stickier when broken apart.

Smell: Cheesy, citrusy, spicy and sweet.

Taste: A cheesy, spicy, citrusy flavor. Smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Relaxed, functional high. Clear headed, relaxing, creative and mildly euphoric. Best for the daytime or wake and bake.

Summary: A pretty good batch of a classic Sativa. I’ve had better, but enjoyed this nonetheless.

L.A. Confidential Strain Review (Delta 9 Collective)

L.A. Confidential Strain ReviewL.A. Confidential Delta 9l.a. confidentiall.a. confidential strain genetics

Name: L.A. Confidential

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: B+/A-

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: O.G. LA Affie crossed with Afghani

Price: $15/gram, $45/8th

Looks: Chunky, spiky, round nugs. Mostly dark green and purple buds with burnt orange hairs and very heavy, golden hued trichome coverage. Sticky in the grinder.

Smell: Musty, minty and peppery with a sweet spiciness. Smells like a peppery Kush.

Taste: A sweet, rich, musty flavor. Hearty vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy, relaxing buzz. Trippy, slightly euphoric, a little introspective and sedating. The body buzz was heavy with numbing sensations noticeable around my face and head. Best for the evening.

Summary: A solid batch of a classic strain. I’ve had better batches with a trippier, more euphoric buzz, but this was highly enjoyable nonetheless.