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Golden Pineapple Strain Review

golden pineapple straingolden pineapple strain review golden pineapple delta 9
Name: Golden Pineapple

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Sativa

Lineage: (Golden Kush x Skunk) x C99 (Pineapple Phenotype)

Price: $15/gram, $45/8th

Looks: Compact nugs with some give when squeezed. Light and dark green buds with orange hairs and golden hued trichome coverage.

Smell: Sweet, fruity, sour and slightly spicy.

Taste: A sweet and sour, musty flavor similar to the smell. Smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Peaceful high. Cerebral, creative, mildly euphoric and energizing. Functional high with a light body buzz. Best for the afternoon.

Summary: A solid, but unremarkable Sativa. I enjoyed the flavor and high, but neither blew me away.

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Golden Pineapple from Delta 9 Collective

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L.A. Confidential Strain Review (Delta 9 Collective)

L.A. Confidential Strain ReviewL.A. Confidential Delta 9l.a. confidentiall.a. confidential strain genetics

Name: L.A. Confidential

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: B+/A-

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: O.G. LA Affie crossed with Afghani

Price: $15/gram, $45/8th

Looks: Chunky, spiky, round nugs. Mostly dark green and purple buds with burnt orange hairs and very heavy, golden hued trichome coverage. Sticky in the grinder.

Smell: Musty, minty and peppery with a sweet spiciness. Smells like a peppery Kush.

Taste: A sweet, rich, musty flavor. Hearty vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy, relaxing buzz. Trippy, slightly euphoric, a little introspective and sedating. The body buzz was heavy with numbing sensations noticeable around my face and head. Best for the evening.

Summary: A solid batch of a classic strain. I’ve had better batches with a trippier, more euphoric buzz, but this was highly enjoyable nonetheless.

L.A. Confidential from Delta 9 Collective

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Phyllis Diller Strain Review

Phyllis Diller Strain ReviewPhyllis Diller Phyllis Diller Strain geneticsPhyllis Diller Strain ReviewPhyllis Diller Delta 9

Name: Phyllis Diller

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: An unknown blend of Hazes.

Price: $15/gram, $45/8th

Looks: Large, torpedo shaped nugs. Frosty, tightly trimmed nugs. Mostly light green buds with burnt orange hairs and very heavy trichome coverage. Brittle, but stickier close to the stem.

Smell: A funky, chem-y stench. Smells a bit like a cleaning product. Very unique scent. Not particularly alluring, but unmistakable.

Taste: A chem-y, funky flavor similar to the smell. Slightly harsh vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Heady, energetic high. Euphoric, cerebral and racy. Had me feeling restless and chatty. Best for the afternoon or wake and bake.

Summary: One of the raciest Sativas I’ve sampled. Not my favorite buzz type, but I can certainly see this strain being popular amongst Sativa fans.