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Approved Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic (Sherman Oaks, CA)

MMRC has the finest marijuana I’ve ever sampled. The staff and growers from the legendary Green Angels of Malibu now work with MMRC. Located in Sherman Oaks, about a half hour north of West Hollywood, the dispensary is near a huge carwash and an awesome hot dog stand. The location itself looks kind of like a nice head shop.

They specialize in OG related strains (OG Kush, Chem Dawg, Pure Kush) with Pure Kush being their premier Indica.��Pure Kush is a sister to OG Kush that was sold in the 90′s at crazy prices. After sampling many batches, I can see why. It is the best strain I’ve ever sampled. The growers at MMRC have some pretty impressive genetics with a wide variation of originals from 1991.  The 91 strains are their signature and they are fantastic.

Recommended Strains: 91 Hollywood Pure Kush, 91 Malibu Fire OG Kush, Legendary Pure Kush, Epic Malibu Pure Kush, Maliblu Dream. Any strain grown by GAM’s growers (including 91 and Legendary strains) are of the highest quality and worth trying. See my reviews for MMRC’s strains here.


Apothecary 420 (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Apothecary 420, formerly on Western Avenue in Korea Town, has joined forces with a Pre-Ico Collective in Sherman Oaks. In their previous location, A420 was one of Los Angeles’ best known dispensaries. They have a small section within the new larger collective in Sherman Oaks. The larger collective offers low priced strains, but stick to the Top Shelf offered by Apothecary 420. Their prices are on the higher side, but they feature exotic and exclusive strains of excellent quality. Their menu is strong across the board with their top shelf being among the best in the city. My go to spot for Bubba Kush and exotic Sativas, they consistently offer some of the best in Los Angeles. Ask for David and mention this site. He’ll take great care of you.

Recommended Strains: Platinum Bubba Kush, King’s Bread, Lamb’s Bread, Super Jack Herer. See my reviews for Apothecary 420′s strains here.


Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Open since 2006, Delta 9 Collective is one the oldest collectives in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Van Nuys, they are an excellent choice for seasoned connoisseurs. They are best known for their high quality kush strains and potent concentrates.

Recommended Strains: Platinum Bubba Kush and King Kush. Anything on their top shelf is quality. See my reviews for Delta 9′s strains here.


GreenWorks (San Diego)

Formerly known as Nuggetry SD, Green Works is a unique dispensary in San Diego specializing in Indicas and specifically OG and Bubba Kush.  They have a wide variety of impressive strains and offer good specials and a frequent member program.

My picks: Platinum Bubba Kush, Master Kush, 619 Vader OG Kush, 619 SFV OG, 619 Alien OG Bubba, DJ Short Blueberry. See my reviews for GreenWorks’ strains here.


Grey Area (Amsterdam)

I get asked all the time if the marijuana in Amsterdam is better than what we find here in California. The short answer is categorically no. While Amsterdam has some expertly grown exotic Sativas, California has the edge basically across the board. Still, Amsterdam holds a very special place in my heart and I would recommend visiting to anyone. Grey Area, a small, but famous coffee shop run by Americans, comes closest to the quality found in California.����Grey Area is my home when in Amsterdam. Before medical marijuana started in California, Grey Area was a wet dream come true for any American marijuana connoisseur. The shop has a cozy vibe and a line that usually pours into the street. An amazing chocolate shop is right around the corner. They have a relatively small menu comprised of rare and exclusive strains. Like most shops in Amsterdam, they specialize in well grown Sativas.

Recommended Strains: Master Kush, Sour Cream, Silver Bubble, Big Buddah Cheese.


Barney’s Coffee Shop (Amsterdam)

Barney���s is a legendary coffee shop with a huge operation. They have won numerous Cannabis Cups and have excellent quality. Barney’s is the most commercial operation I’ve seen. They used to have an amazing breakfast bar that was the first place I recommended visiting when in Amsterdam. The original bar closed recently, but they still offer food in one of their locations. Food and weed together in one location is a pretty special thing. Hopefully, we’ll have something like this in California some day.

Recommended Strains: Amnesia Haze, G-13, Blue Cheese.