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Wax Room by Berner


Wax Room (featuring Nipsey Hussle) by Berner.

Gisele Bündchen Nude in Vogue

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Dutch Treat Strain Review


Name: Dutch Treat

Dispensary: Apothecary 420 (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Indica (About 80% Indica, 20% Sativa)

Lineage: Unknown

Price: $20/gram, $60/8th

Looks: Spongey, furry nugs in fingerling shapes. Pale green buds with a few light brown hairs and moderate trichome coverage. Dank and sticky.

Smell: A sweet and sour, citrusy scent. Smelled faintly of cheese. The aroma was reminicient of Trainwreck and Sour Patch Kids.

Taste: A sweet and sour flavor similar to Sour Patch Kids.  Smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion. Smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Mellow, relaxing stone. Spacey, mildly euphoric and moderately sedating with a comfortable body buzz. Numbing sensations were noticeable around my face. Best for the evening.

Summary: An excellent tasting Indica with a relaxing, stoney buzz. I prefer strains that are more clear headed.

Olivia Wilde Nude in Deadfall

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Know Bout Me by Timbaland


Know Bout Me (featuring Jay Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy) by Timbaland.