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Top 5 Strains of 2012 #2 91 Malibu Fire OG Kush



Name: 91 Malibu Fire OG Kush

Dispensary: Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: A+

Type: Mostly Indica 

Lineage: Unique phenotype of Fire OG Kush

Price: $20/gram, $55/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

Looks: Chunky, tightly trimmed nugs. Light and dark green buds with peach colored hairs and golden hued trichome coverage. Dank, perfectly cured nugs.

Smell: Deep pine, citrus and fuel. Heavy pine-fuel OG stank.

Taste: A rich, piney and musty flavor. Hearty and smooth vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy, soothing buzz. Clear headed, highly sedating and euphoric. It made my eyes red and droopy and helped put me to sleep. Great for late in the evening and perfect for bedtime. 

Summary: My favorite cut of OG Kush. An amazing looking strain with a smell and taste I crave. The buzz is among my favorite of any strain; happy and sleepy. This is my top choice for bedtime.