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The Weeknd - Loft Music

Top 5 Albums of 2011

#1 Trilogy (House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence) by The Weeknd. Download it for free here.

Featured Track: Loft Music

Top 5 Food of 2011

#2 Mei fun noodles with shrimp and beef from China Max

kelly brook

See more nude photos of Kelly here. Cheers.

Top 5 Girls of 2011

#1 Rosie Jones. See my full collection of Rosie photos here.

#2 Legendary Pure Kush #1

Name: Legendary Pure Kush #1

Dispensary: Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: A+

Type: Mostly Indica 

Lineage: A unique phenotype of Pure Kush (sister to OG Kush)

Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

Looks: Compact tightly trimmed nugs. Medium green buds with a few peach colored hairs. Caked in trichomes.

Smell: Pine, menthol, citrus and fuel. There is a floral sweetness. 

Taste: A piney, citrusy flavor with a touch of menthol. Pronounced taste with hearty vapor. Heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Euphoric and heavy. Powerful clean high. Clear headed, uplifting and slightly introspective. The body buzz is strong, but not overly couch lock-y. Best for the evening.

Summary: It’s called Legendary for a reason. My favorite version of Pure Kush behind the 91 Hollywood PK. It packs a punch and the high is fantastic.