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Weekend Cap.

Happy Halloween (Taken with instagram)

(Taken with instagram)

San Diego Holistic Healing: Want to know why the Earth OG costs $25 a gram?

Bird Rock, CA

Halloween 2010

4.5 out of 5 stars

San Diego Holisitic Healing was the first place I visited after getting my card and I’ve visited many times since.  They have a great location in Bird Rock right by the beach.  Their staff is friendly and helpful and the vibe is laidback. Earth OG was on the menu the first time I visited them and seeing it on the menu again after almost a year peaked my interest.  It’s priced at $25 a gram with a 2 gram maximum.  This pricing is quite unusual for SDHH, so I was curious to know why it was priced so highly.  The reasons provided by my budtender were intriguing enough to get me to try it again.

Strains Sampled:

1.) Earth OG (Mostly Indica)

4.65 out 5 stars

Planetary strains like Earth OG often fetch even higher prices up in LA.  In my experience, they’re more of a marketing ploy, though many batches I’ve had are excellent examples of OG. This batch is one of the best I’ve sampled and took some serious time to make its way to the shelf.  It had a 16 week vegetative period, a 16 week flowering period and a 23 day cure.  It only comes around once a year.  All of this adds up to a very desirable finished product.

Look: Soft, but dense; a mix of light and dark green with brown hairs.  It looks like its been dusted with trichomes.  Impressive looking OG.

Smell: Complex pine scent with undertones of citrus and fuel. Classic, deep OG scent.

Taste:  Strong and like the smell.  Pinesol immediately came to mind with the citrus being quite pronounced out of a vaporizer.  The vapor was smooth but definitely expands in the lungs.

Effects:  Immediate and heavy.  It starts with a strong spacey head stone and progress into a powerful full body high. Long lasting effects.

Bottom line: An excellent example of OG.  Probably the best Planetary strain I’ve sampled so far.  It’s not the very best OG I’ve had, but it’s definitely up there. Certainly worth trying and of obvious quality.  I’m still not crazy about the price, but I’ll grab it if it comes around again next year.

SDHH is one of my favorite spots to visit in the city.  Thanks to the staff for the hospitality.

(Taken with instagram)